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Alumni Association


An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students (alumni). In the India and other States, alumni of universities, colleges, schools (especially independent schools), fraternities, and sororities often form groups with alumni from the same organization. These associations often organise social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organisation. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. In the India, most associations do not require its members to be an alumnus of a university to enjoy membership and privileges. Additionally, such groups often support new alumni, and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with Students of similar background . Alumni associations are mainly organised around universities or departments of universities, but may also be organised among students that studied in a certain country. In the past, they were often considered to be the university's or school's old boy society (or old boys network). Today, alumni associations involve graduates of all age groups and demographics. Alumni associations are often organised into chapters by city, region, or country.


  • Provide an opportunity for alumni to associate with each other and the university.
  • Educate alumni regarding the latest developments achieved by the university.
  • Involve alumni in the ongoing development of current and future students of the university.
  • Promote the welfare and development of the University and of the UC Merced campus.
  • Promote the development of the DSGDCW Alumni Association

Connect Alumni with Students

The Network is very interested in the ongoing development of current and future students at the college level and university level. Annual Network events including Spring Study Breaks, volunteer food distribution to students during finals weeks, and freshmen welcome activities such as the Summer Fun Celebration, meant to welcome new students into the College community, allow the Network to reach out and connect with current and future college students.

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