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Infra Structure

The D.S. Govt Degree College, is a well planned, Student-friendly Campus. Trees from the boundary of the college campus, providing the much needed lungs in an urban setting. The class rooms are spacious and ventialted with ergonomics furniture and aesthetically designed interiors.

Other facilities that children may avail of include :
         1. Indoor/Outdoor sport center with Highly skilled coaches.
         2. Activity Rooms for performing and Seminars, conference, Music and Dances.
         3. Playgrounds Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho and so on.
         Laboratories :
              a. Computer Lab.
              b. Physics Lab.
              c. Chemistry Lab.
         4. Unrestricted library resources are available to all students.
         5. Internet & Wi-Fi Facilities are available.