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                                                                To become a Centre of Educational Excellence for Empowering Women in a Variety of ways by realising there Capabilities so that they can take their rightful place in the Society. To create an Environment for their overall development crossing the hurdles of backwardness and Rural backdrops.

                                                        The Salient Feature of the Institution is its Distinctness in Systematic Planning to Achieve its Targets. The Mission of the Institution addresses the following Women needs by serving its student needs.
1. To inculcate the sprite of Quality in Higher Education.
2. Skills related to Education and Life.
3. Physical well being.
4. Social Awareness and community service.
5. Women empowerment.
6. Inculcating values for betterment of Women.
7. Academic Competence.
8. Team Work and to create a spirit of togetherness in social and community oriented activities.

                                                                All the programmes and activities are planned to realize the above needs at the institutional, departmental and individual levels. They have been made as a part of tradition of the Institution.